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Takeaways from Liberia's 2023 Presidential Elections and Reflections on Democracy in West Africa

December 5, 202322:21

Liberia conducted tightly contested national elections on October 10 and presidential run-off elections on November 14. The incumbent president George Weah conceded defeat in his bid for a second-term, after a tight run-off against the opposition candidate and political veteran, Joseph Bokai. This action marked a notable peaceful transition of power at a time when many West African countries have endured a resurgence of military coups, manipulation of presidential term limits, and elections plagued by allegations of misconduct. Wilson Center Africa Program director, Oge Onubogu sat down with respected political scientist Prof. Attahiru Jega who led the ECOWAS Election Observer Delegation to the Liberian elections to discuss the outcomes of the elections and the future of representative government in West Africa.


Prof. Attahiru Muhammadu Jega

Former Chairman, Independent National Electoral Commission of Nigeria; Head of the ECOWAS Election Observer Delegation to the Liberian Elections 

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