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Across Karman

The sky is no longer the limit. We take you across the Karman Line for global insight and analysis on space technology and policy.

Image of earth
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Rockets launching into space

Why does space matter?

We aren't talking about dark matter! We depend on space for critical existing functions, as well as future innovation. How can we usher in a new era of innovation and exploration in space?

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Satellite in orbit

What do we put in space?

Space technology includes spacecraft, satellites, space stations, support infrastructure equipment, and even counterspace weapons. These technologies are being put up by a host of government and non-government actors now jockeying for space in space.

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World with Vectors

How are we dependent on space?

Houston, do we have a problem with our critical infrastructure in space? Our individual dependency on space has also grown, but safeguarding space still remains an issue. How do we keep space secure?

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