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Why has traditional development finance not worked for Africa over the past six decades? This is the gnawing question that remains in looking at the trajectory of growth in Africa.

It is clear that business as usual will not deliver meaningful economic development in Africa. Development partners, like the United States, must rethink their approach to development assistance in Africa. Just as in the immediate World War II era, African countries need some financial and technical assistance to become more competitive in global markets, more resilient to shocks, and less likely to remain ensnared in a self-perpetuating cycle of poverty. Framing and delivering requisite assistance has eluded the continent in recent decades, and aid-based support struggles to keep pace with Africa’s growing and emerging needs.

This publication makes a case for a fundamental rethink of development practice as it relates to Africa, analyzes the different approaches to development financing that will deliver development outcomes, and explains the role Africa’s development partners could play in ensuring the long-overdue shift from perennial dependency to sustainable economic development that delivers shared prosperity, institutionalizes resilience, and protects the planet.

This paper is part of the U.S.-Africa Leaders Summit series. The full series is available to read here

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About the Author

Dr. Raymond Gilpin speaks at SWF 2022

Raymond Gilpin

Chief Economist, Regional Bureau for Africa, United Nations Development Programme, New York
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