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Most of Canada’s crude oil supply, which accounted for 62% of U.S. oil imports in 2021, originates from production in the Athabasca oil sands. Chris and Scotty are joined by Cenovus Energy Chief Sustainability Officer Rhona DelFrari, who stepped away from the Calgary Stampede to highlight why six of Canada’s largest oil producers are banding together to reduce carbon emissions in oil sands operations and discuss how the energy industry on both sides of the border can help lead the push to net zero.

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Rhona DelFrari Headshot

Rhona DelFrari

Chief Sustainability Officer and Senior Vice President, Stakeholder Engagement, Cenovus Energy


Chris Sands

Christopher Sands

Director, Canada Institute
Maryscott Greenwood Profile Photo

Maryscott "Scotty" Greenwood

Chief Executive Officer, Canadian American Business Council

Canada Institute

The mission of the Wilson Center's Canada Institute is to raise the level of knowledge of Canada in the United States, particularly within the Washington, DC policy community.  Research projects, initiatives, podcasts, and publications cover contemporary Canada, US-Canadian relations, North American political economy, and Canada's global role as it intersects with US national interests.  Read more