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Bonus Episode | Barbie & Blockchain

36:27August 3, 2023

As Barbie fever takes over the world, we wanted to re-release a December 2022 interview with Jordan Walbesser, Mattel's Director of Legal & Business Affairs, as a special bonus episode of Blockchain Explained. Barbie and other iconic toys like Hot Wheels have long been collectibles and loom large in American and even global culture. Jordan joined podcast co-host Alan Rechtschaffen, Wilson trustee and chair of the Digital Assets Forum, to talk about NFTs and digital collectibles, and how they fit in with Mattel's physical collectibles. Listen now for more from Jordan about how the blockchain enables Mattel to create digital collectibles that are as precious as physical, how they're blending digital and physical play for the next generation, and his thoughts on blockchain's utility at large.

Barbie display at a store

Bonus Episode | Blockchain, Barbie and Baseball Cards

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